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ADCA 2018 Annual General Meeting and National Show
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June 14-17, 2018
Salina, KS

2018 AGM Keynote Speaker
Gearld Fry

Selection of the Bull and Cow for Herd Improvement
In his Keynote Address, Gearld will talk about the responsibilities of the bull and the cow in a breeding program.  He will explore the role of each in reproduction, production and the utilization of Nature's cow feed, grass.

Linear Measurement Demonstration
In this session, Gearld will move to the arena and give a hands-on demonstration of linear measurement, using a Dexter cow and a Dexter bull. For other Exciting and Informative Education Sessions, click here.

About Gearld Fry
Gearld Fry was seven years old when he was assigned his first milking cow.  By the age of 14 he had purchased and shown his first steer.  Too poor to purchase a top bull, he taught himself artificial insemination. 
By then, Gearld had developed the habit of listening to old-time cattlemen, and his eye had taught him what to look for in outstanding livestock.  Like all farmers, he had been educated in the grain-fed paradigm and followed the “bigger is better” philosophy.  It wasn’t until he established his own Reproductive Center that doubts began to grow. He saw that many “top bulls” had poor quality semen and many of the “best cows” had trouble getting pregnant.  He began to research using blood analysis and determined that proper grass nutrition was the answer.
Coupling the writings of “old masters” with 40 years of owning and observing cattle, Fry has assumed leadership in the art of cattle selection, breeding and genetic management in a natural, totally grass-fed environment.  His passion is to educate cattle producers in producing healthy, quality beef and milk to benefit the American consumer.  Fry’s own writings have appeared in many agricultural journals. In 2003 he authored “Reproduction and Animal Health,” a guide to selecting, breeding and managing a herd for health, reproduction and performance on grass.