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Dexter Cattle and People in the News

2018 ODCA Spring Meeting is a thing of the past.  It was well attended dispite the rainy weather.  We had our first real auction to raise money to support our youth.  Joe Reynolds, our ODCA president called the meeting to order and many subjects were discussed.  We were reminded that this is an election year for officiers and the election will be held at the Fall ODCA meeting that takes place after the Tulsa State Fair Show in the fall. 

Discussed at the meeting

1. Reminder that you as a member may advertise free of charge both animals for sale as well as beef.  Just contact Sheila Farris so that she can list them on our website.

2. Treasurer Brody Johnson read the treasurers report.

3, Oye-2019.  A total of 22 Dexters with 20 Youths showing making 2019 our biggest year so far.  All who attended were thanked.

4. Uncoming events-ADCA Natiional Deter Expo (AGM)  will be held June 26-29th in Lincoln, NE.
5. ODCA has helped to sponsor the Thursday night meet and greet again this year as well as approving sponsoring a class or buckle.

6. Tulsa State Fair 2019 Sept 25-28th. More details later.  Fall Meeting will be following the show on Friday Sept 27.

7. A Sponsorship List for the TSF was passed and every class was sponsored.  Thank you for your support.

8.  New heifers donated or bought by the Heifer Program were listed and can be seen on the youth page.

9. elections will be held this fall for all four seats.  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

10. Meeting closed