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Random photos of 2018 OYE Dexter Show

  • Ashlee Gammel
    Ashlee Gammel
  • Simon Teel
    Simon Teel
  • Miranda Ware
    Miranda Ware
  • Simon Teel
    Simon Teel
  • Ready for the show
    Ready for the show
  • Getting ready for show
    Getting ready for show
  • Simon Teel, Kaylee Harvey and Britni Stewart L-r
    Simon Teel, Kaylee Harvey and Britni Stewart L-r
  • Simon Teel grooming for show
    Simon Teel grooming for show
  • Landen Wood
    Landen Wood
  • Simon Teel
    Simon Teel
  • Amanda Ware, Duren Moffet, Britni Stewart, Kaylee Harvey and Simon Teel
    Amanda Ware, Duren Moffet, Britni Stewart, Kaylee Harvey and Simon Teel
  • Simon Teel in the barn
    Simon Teel in the barn
  • Britni Stewart, Kaylee  and Landen WoodHarvey,
    Britni Stewart, Kaylee and Landen WoodHarvey,

Ag Youth Photos OYE 2018 Dexter Show

2018 OYE Show Results
Dexter Breeding Heifers

Class 01
 1st place                                  Ashlee Gammel                         Sperry 4-H                            D&D Dorothy Mae                              042833              5/10/2017 
 2nd Place                              Tatum Neal                                 Sapulpa 4-H                          FH Tatums Midnight                         042753                5/11/2017
 3rd Place                               Caleb Gardner                            Chandler  4-H                        Timbeview Belle                              042573                9/7/2017
 4th Place                                Kyleigh Bleeker                          Okemah 4-H                          GCF Daisy                                        042930               8/13/2017
 Class 02
  1st Place                                Kaylee Harvey                             Sperry FFA                             Circle H Spring Rain                         041896             4/17/2017
 2nd Place                               Britni Stewart                              Chandler FFA                         Kickapoo Valley Layla                       042788             5/03/2017
 3rd Place                               Caleb Gardner                             Chandler FFA                         CSG Oh My Darlin                             042856            3/18/2017
 4th Place                              Landen Wood                              Sperry 4-H                                TOH Mattie                                      042835             3/31/2017
 Class 03
 1st Place                               Simon Teel                                  Sperry 4-H                                D&D Red Peggy Sue                        042601            2/28/2017
 2nd Place                             Kenny Endl                                  Woodland FFA                         Red D Shadow                                  042104            12/18/2016
 3rd Place                              Ava White                                     Chandler 4-H                            ESF Elvira                                       042059             2/23/2017
 4th Place                            Teagan Neal                                   Sapulpa 4-H                             HC ARBA Cornnia                           041253            9/08/2016
 Class 04
 1st Place                           Duren Moffet                                   Woodward FFA                            MD Tiger Lily                                042741              7/19/2016
 2nd Place                        Kaylee Harvey                                  Sperry FFA                                   BDC Tulip                                    040070               3/2/2016
 3rd Place                         Britni Stewart                                    Chandler FFA                              Moses Meadows KK                     039943               4/08/2016
 4th Place                         Simon Teel                                       Sperry 4-H                                   Moses Meodows Bro                    039944               2/18/2016
 5th Place                         Miranda Ware                                   Sperry 4-H                                   Circle H Lilly Grace                     040397               8/27/2016
 Champion Dexter Breeding Heifer                            Circle H Spring Rain                        Kaylee Harvey                 Sperry FFA
 Reserve Champion Dexter  Breeding Heifer              MD Tiger Lily                                 Duren Moffet                   Woodward FFA
 Senior Showmanship Winner                              Amanda Ware                          Sperry 4-H
 Junior Showmanship Winner                              Ashlee Gammel                       Sperry 4-H