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We would like to thank the following breeders for donating heifers to the ODCA Youth Heifer Program. Without their generosity and support this program wouldn't be possible. 
  Wade & Sharon Runnels
Taste of Heaven Farm
Norman & Mary Hoover
Hickory Creek Farm 
Molly Allen and Circle H Farms  
Rick Matthys
Windmill Dexter's

Dewey Combs

D & D Red Dexter Ranch

 Joe Reynolds

 Moses Meadows Dexter's

  Brody Johnson

5-J Ranch 

Don &Sheila Farris

Euchee Creek Farm

Norman & Mary Hoover

Hickory Creek Farm

Adriane & Jim Lippian

Five Springs Ranch

Elmer and Agnes Blackburn-Busy Bee Ranch

Troy Harrold & Don Cheek

Red River Valley Dexter's

Gene Pittman

Mud Valley Farms

Randy & Karen Hall

Rocking H Dexter Ranch

Oklahoma Dexter Cattle Association Youth Heifer Program
The purpose of this program is to aid youth in getting started in the Dexter Cattle business, by awarding heifer calves to program participants on the basis of merit, future goals and the ability to care for the animal.  Any Oklahoma youth, ages 9-15 as of January 1st of the current year, who is a 4-H or FFA member may apply.  Previous winners of the ODCA youth heifer are ineligible.  All applications will be reviewed by an independent selection committee.  
Each program participant will own their heifer jointly with the ODCA until completion of the program, at which time the participant will receive full ownership of the heifer and her offspring.
Each program participant will be responsible for raising the calf, arranging for her to be bred (AI or naturally) with help from their ODCA mentor, and provide an annual report about their heifer at the fall ODCA meeting in October for two years.

Return completed form to:
Rick Harvey
ODCA Youth Heifer Program
9171 N 68th Ave
Sperry Oklahoma 74073

Congratulations to Graci Osborn. She is a new participant in our heifer program. She received a heifer donated by
David Jones. She placed first in her class at first show. Jan 24.,2021
Congratulations to Emberleigh Wikel. She is the most recent participant to be awarded a heifer in our heifer program. Her heifer comes into the program from participant Audrianna Gammel.  Jan 24,2021

Twin bull calves born to the project heifer awarded to Stormie Adix of Jennings, Ok.  A bull calf will be sold to help out the Heifer Program at weaning.  Dam is Riding Farm Kristin and sire is RHV Jupitor.  Both calves are heterozygous polled and possibly A2A2.

Congratulations to Andrew Triplitt. He is the newest member of the ODCA youth heifer program. This heifer (Valentine) comes from youth program participant Miranda Ware. Valentine is a 4th generation program heifer!

Congratulations to our newest Youth Heifer recipient, Stormie May Adix from the Jennings area. What a great match. We look for lots of good things from her and her new heifer. This heifer was purchased at the Missouri Dexter Cattle Show and Sale from the ODCA Heifer Program Funds.



 Congratulations to Audrianna Gammel from Sperry! She is our newest member youth heifer program. A huge THANK YOU to Don Cheek of Red River Valley Dexters for donating the heifer.
Our ODCA Heifer Program at work.  Our newest youth to recieve his Heifer is Connor Holman of the Jennings 4H program.  We look forward to seeing Connor and his heifer around.  Congrats to Conner.
The ODCA is proud to welcome Kyleigh Bleeker of Okemah into the Youth Heifer Program! She picked up her heifer "Daisy" from the Gann's farm. Skyler Gann got her first Dexter through this program and has developed a nice herd. It is very encouraging to see this kind of success and drives us as an association to continue building on this awesome program! Thank you Skyler!
Heifer awarded to Landen Wood
of Skiatook, Oklahoma

Landen was chosen to receive the heifer that was donated by Wade and Sharon Runnel of Taste of Heaven Farm in Kellyville, Ok.  Landen is 11 years old and in the 5th grade at the Skiatook Elementary School.  He is a member of the Sperry 4H Club and also enjoys baseball, football, fishing and camping.  He raises rabbits and is ready for the responsibility of raising a Dexter heifer.

Landen picked up his new heifer at the home of the ODCA Youth Director, Rick Harvey.  Again we want to thank the Runnel's for their generous donation the to Heifer Program. Congratulations to Landen Wood from Sperry. He is the newest recipient in the ODCA Youth Heifer Program.
And a HUGE THANK YOU to Dan and Sharon Runnels of Taste of Heaven Farm for the donation of TOH Mattie! She is a great match for Landen.


Heifer awarded

Congratulations to Teagan Neal! She is our newest Youth Program heifer recipient! A huge thank you to Norman and Mary Hoover
of Hickory Creek Farm for donating this heifer! They have always been huge supporters of the ODCA! 2017-05-02
Several of our ODCA Youth Board had a nice visit with Teagan Neal and her family on a recent farm visit. She is our newest Youth Program heifer recipient of a heifer donated by Norman and Mary Hoover of Hickory Creek Farm located in Kansas. Her heifer looked great and Teagan has been working hard to get her ready for the county show at the end of August and the Tulsa State Fair.
Ruston James' cow Moses Meadow's Macy has had a bull calf that will be sold to help buy a heifer for ourheifer program.  Congrats to Ruston for his great care he has given the heifer he received and the new calf.

Our senior Chris Odom award winner for 2017 is Britni Stewart! Congrats Britini!  Pictured with Britni is

Don Farris, Don Giles, Sheila Farris and our ODCA president Joe Reynolds.

Congratulations to Miranda Ware! She is the newest recipient of a heifer from the ODCA heifer program. This heifer was donated through the joint effort of former program participant Molly Allen and Circle H Farms.


  Ruston James and his new heifer Moses Meadow's Macy


How exciting..the latest heifer to be given away is one happy Ruston James from

Cherokee, Oklahoma.  Look forward to seeing Ruston and his new heifer. Moses Meadow's Macy.  Macy is a product of our

Oklahoma Dexter Heifer Program,  she was born to a heifer given to Kaylee Harvey.  As per the rules of the program

the first heifers calf goes back into the program to be given to another youth.